Best Neighborhoods in Atlanta for Business


Atlanta is a huge city with tons of opportunity for small businesses to expand and grow. However, it can be difficult for a new business to determine exactly where in the city would be best for them. With so many neighborhoods to choose from, it can be overwhelming, but there are some locations that are better for new companies than others. Here are some of the best neighborhoods in the Atlanta area to start a business.

Inman Park

This neighborhood, which is also referred to as the Beltline, has been recently revitalized and is a great location for anyone starting a new business. It’s very close to downtown, but isn’t too crowded or expensive. It also features beautiful old Victorian homes, charming retail shops and restaurants, and tons of public space. Because this neighborhood is so charming, it attracts lots of young residents as well as curious visitors, making it an ideal place to start a new business. It’s particularly great for entrepreneurs because there are many small office spaces available.


Although this wealthy neighborhood might not be the best place for every new business, it can provide tons of economic opportunity for the right fit. There’s tons of corporate office space available here, and the area is accessible via nearby highways as well as public transportation. Buckhead also has a number of high-rise hotels as well as upscale restaurants and shopping, which are a big draw for affluent visitors and residents. If your business is looking to target a wealthy demographic, this might be the perfect place to get started.

Little Five Points

This area is ideal for entrepreneurs looking to target a younger demographic. The area is very close to downtown and already features a very unique and vibrant array of businesses. Although it is close to downtown, it is a distinctly separate neighborhood with a unique personality. This is a relatively affordable place to start a business, especially when you consider how much exposure you’ll get just by moving to this area. Little Five Points is not only close to downtown, but it’s also connected to the rest of the city via public transportation, which is another big draw.


This neighborhood provides a good balance between suburban calm and urban walkability. It has lots of historic charm, with old Victoria homes as well as small restaurants and other businesses. However, there’s also plenty of office space here as well, so there’s room for many different types of businesses. Although the neighborhood isn’t directly connected to the subway system, it is very walkable and is a very short drive or bus ride away from downtown. The area is also great if you are trying to appeal to many different demographics, because its charm attracts everyone from young professionals to families and empty-nesters.

Atlantic Station

Located just north of Midtown, this small neighborhood has been developing slowly but steadily over the past several years. There are many high rise buildings here that have been built specifically as office spaces, and there’s also potential for retail development as well. The close proximity to the interstate makes it very easy to get here, and you can access the nearby Midtown Metro Station by bus. There are also tons of condominiums and apartments here, and the population has been growing, making it easier for businesses to integrate with the community.


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