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Most Active Industries in Georgia

Georgia is a great place to start a company for a variety of reasons. The robust economy, diversity, and ease of living are all great benefits for any entrepreneur. While virtually any type of business can find a home in Georgia, there are some industries that are doing particularly well in this state. Here are some of the best industries to start a business in the state of Georgia.

Movie and TV Production

Georgia is an amazing state for the entertainment industry, because they give tax credits to companies that film their productions in state. An increasing number of Hollywood movies, as well as popular shows like The Walking Dead, have used Atlanta as their backdrop. If you work in any kind of film production, Georgia is a great place to do it. Not only is it economically very viable, but the state of Georgia also provides a gorgeous backdrop for any film or TV production.

Military and Related Industries

Any business who works with the military will find themselves feeling very at home in Georgia. There are several military bases here, and they make up some of the state’s largest employers. This military presence needs to be supported by businesses and contractors, so if you offer products or services that could benefit the military, Georgia is a great place for your business.


Energy is one of the most important industries right now, and Georgia is leading the way, with a successful energy industry that is diversified. The state is transitioning into clean energy solutions, such as solar power, but coal and natural gas production are also strong. New technology companies that work in the energy sector can find a home here.


Georgia is a beautiful state with varied geography, so it’s no surprise that tourists love to visit. It’s also conveniently located within driving distance of many other major metro areas in the southern US, which brings in tons of visitors from surrounding areas. Businesses such as hotels, museums, and amusement parks draw in millions of dollars each year, both in the Atlanta metro area as well as in other cities and towns throughout the state. These tourist areas also need restaurants and nightlife to support them, which makes it a great place for anyone wanting to start their own business in the entertainment industry.


A huge percent of Georgians work in agriculture or forestry, as the state is one of the largest natural producers of fruit in the United States, and produces the largest number of pecans in the world. Since the agriculture industry continues to be such a big part of the state’s economy, new businesses that want to start here will find lots of opportunity. In addition to agriculture production, there are also lots of opportunities for tech companies who provide solutions and support for the agriculture industry.


Lockheed Martin has a manufacturing facility in Georgia, and Delta Airlines is headquartered in Atlanta. This sets the stage for continued development of the aerospace industry, both on the military and commercial side. The success of these companies indicates there’s room for more as the state grows. In general, innovative engineering companies can find a home in Georgia as the state continues to lead this market.